Small child on a bike wearing a tube feeding backpack in the shape of a dinosaur
Young girl wearing tube feeding backpack pointing to her friend
A TubieeGo adapted tube feeding bag




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An open TubieeGo tube feeding backpack showing the insert

Welcome to TubieeGo™

We believe strongly in inclusive fashion. We sell stylish and high-quality feeding tube backpacks and bags for adults and children.

Our specially adapted bags and backpacks are compatible with the majority of feeding tube systems, including Abbott, Nutricia, Fresenius Kabi and Kangaroo Joey.

As well as our backpack range, we offer feeding tube accessories and a bag adaptation service. Visit our online shop to see our full range of products.

TubieeGo tube feeding backpack open with the insert visible. The bag is brown, with a zip compartment.

Bag adaptation service

If you have a favourite bag that you'd like to turn into a feeding tube bag, we offer a high-quality adaptation service. 

Simply order the bag adaptation service in our online shop and send your bag to us, we'll handle the rest.