A Tubie Friendly Easter

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A Tubie Friendly Easter

I love Easter!  Yet as the mum of a tube fed child it brings some challenges as there is chocolate EVERYWHERE!  Attractive Easter Eggs fill the shop shelves, the school calendar has included many chocolate-filled Easter activities and all the local events around us have involved an Easter egg hunt.  Even Easter church services tend to include chocolate in some way. I embrace all that, there’s nothing wrong with it, but what do you when your child or loved one is non-oral and can’t eat any of the treats on offer?  What do you replace it with? Here are a few of our ideas for you....

Alternatives to chocolate Easter eggs

This one is particularly tricky, especially if there are other people in the house receiving chocolate eggs.  We have always tried to provide our non-oral little dude with a substitute which he feels trumps a chocolate egg and prepped the other kids about what is happening and why.  Last year we bought a plastic golden egg  which we placed a toy inside and balanced it on a new car. http://www.littlecraftybugs.co.uk/golden-extra-large-two-part-fillable-plastic-easter-egg-gold.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwnKHlBRDLARIsAMtMHDEJLjdBjlVQUxfr8cz_bSk5zObSGtQvZOty_VMjO964VmiR8WabCKoaAg7IEALw_wcB

This year my husband has planned a superhero theme! Toy brands also often have chocolate egg alternatives such as these ones by Playmobil www.playmobil.co.uk/space-agent-with-robot/9416.html ).  Or you could also start new annual traditions which don’t involve eggs at all.  How about an Easter book, a soft toy or a new outfit instead?


Easter egg hunts

Easter egg hunts are so popular but thankfully there are many alternatives to using chocolate.  Little Craft Bugs www.littlecraftybugs.co.uk/easter/egg-hunt-supplies.html ) has a whole page of egg hunt supplies such as refillable plastic eggs, chenille chicks, even carrots for the Easter bunny plus a plethora of nonedible egg fillers including stickers, stamps and tattoos.  Why not get involved with your local egg hunt event and offer to put together nonedible options? Recently our local event has swopped to laminated pictures of eggs which are swopped for Easter treats (chocolate or other) once collected.

John Lewis' Easter decorations:



Easter Sensory Baskets

For those with sensory impairments you could put together a multi-sensory Easter basket full of tactile, noisy, glowing, interactive and touch and feel items.  Wonderbaby has created a much better collection of ideas than I could ever come up with so pop over to see them here www.wonderbaby.org/articles/multi-sensory-easter-basket-ideas )

Easter crafts

There are literally thousands of Easter craft kits and ideas available.  They make nice alternatives to chocolate treats and are also a nice thing to do together.  Baker Ross www.bakerross.co.uk/easter-store ) has a great collection, including those with a religious theme.

Make an Easter Garden

Why not include some other activities about the traditional meaning of Easter this year and move away from chocolate in the process?  If your non-oral loved one enjoys nature you could make an Easter garden together, such as this one by MyBABA www.mybaba.com/nanny-anitas-easter-garden/ )

You could also check out events in your area such as Easter services, Messy Church and other family friendly events and activities such as church picnics.

If all else fails....create a “sweet swop box”

Due to our older girls having allergies we have had one of these for years and it has saved the day on many occasions!  It’s a box containing lots of little items that the kids like – hairclips, stationary bits, mini cars, Playmobil figures, sticker packs, etc.  If they get given something that they can’t eat such as sweets in a party bag or an edible prize then they ‘swop’ it for something in the sweet swop box once they get home.  We fill it particularly well at Easter time and include a few bigger items too. Our kids all now get excited if they are given something that they can’t eat as they know that they will get to choose something from the box when they get home.

So that is a quick summary about how we, as a family, deal with the non-oral at Easter issue.  I’m sure that many of you will have even better ideas so please share them with TubieeGo so that others can benefit too.  

I hope you all have a great Easter!

Jenni xx


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