Bag adaptation service

Bag adaptation service

One of our favourite aspects of TubieeGo is our bag adaptation service (previously known as our bespoke service).  Giving people complete choice in what their feed bag looks like has been really rewarding and it's been fun to problem solve through issues and to provide bags that really suit an individual's needs and requirements.

We thought that it would be fun to share some of our favourites with you and give some recommendations of bags which adapt easily.....

The First One

Our very first adaptation was possibly my favourite and also the most terrifying!  Despite having cut into many bags as we produced our Readymade Range, prepared Bespoke samples and also made bags for my son it was still hard to cut into a customer's bag for the first time.  It didn't help that it was a Stella McCartney bag!  But the final bag was AWESOME and I know it has made a huge different to it's owner.  I'll be getting my own son one as soon as he's tall enough to wear it!

The Kid's Ones

Kids all have their favourite character or style preference and providing for those has been wonderful.  We've adapted a Power Rangers bag, a Star Wars bag, a Smiggle bag, team bags and other bags in all shapes and sizes - sparkly, super cool, large, tiny and personalized.  It's been fun!

The Adult Ones

Our adult Bespoke bags have mainly been for overcoming specific problems.  We've enjoyed working with customers to work out exactly what they need to make sure that their bag not only looks great but also meets their functional needs really well.

We adapted an EastPak Padded Pak'R to hold not one but two Abbott pumps in the front pocket with a 1 litre feed and a 1 litre flexitainer in the main compartment.  Another adaptation for 2 feeds used a Mi-Pac bag with both feeds running through the same Nutricia pump in the front pocket.

We have also adapted sports bags, men's fashion bags and a satchel which is another one of my favourites.


We know that it can be hard to choose a suitable bag so we thought that we'd use our experience to recommend a few that adapt really well.  If you buy online from this specific list then you can send the bag direct to us rather than posting it to yourself to check sizings first.  You will get the address for posting once you've purchased the Bespoke Service on our website and you will need to email us the info required for adaptation.

EastPak Padded Pak-R - These adult sized rucksacks are great quality, popular and come in endless colours and designs.  The front pocket is roomy and can even hold two Abbott pumps for people running more than one feed at a time.

Mi-Pac Original - These bags are another great adult rucksack choice.  They are popular and come in many fabric choices and prints.  The front pocket isn't as large as in the EastPak Padded Pak'R but it still takes a single Nutricia, Fresenius or Abbott pump.

Smiggle Junior - The Junior bags adapt nicely with the pump sitting in the middle pocket which leaves an extra small pocket at the front for bits and bobs like syringes.  It MUST be the junior range which are 36cm tall as the larger bags have a seperate laptop compartment which doesn't work for adaptation.

Flying Sky Kid's Rucksacks - We recently adapted one of these and we were impressed by the quality.  It would suit children age 4-8 and the front pocket holds a Nutricia or Fresenius pump.  We're not sure about an Abbott pump so if that's what you use then you would need to check before sending us the bag.  The bag is tall enough to hold a medium insert so it can hold all feeds apart from the 1 litre flexitainer which is used by some Abbott users.

Skip Hop Zoo - There are currently 29 animal designs in the Skip Hop Zoo range that we use for the Junior Readymade Range.  We only use a few designs for the Readymade Range but you can always send us a different design if there's one that you love.  Personally, I like the fox! 

The Zoo Packs hold a medium insert so are suitable for all feeds apart from the Abbott 1 litre flexitainer and the front pocket will house a Nutricia, Fresenius or Abbott pump.  If you want to purchase one of the smaller toddler Skip Hop bags then please contact us to check suitability for your pump/feed combo as it's not as straight forward.

* * * * * * 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what's possible through our Bespoke Service.  We really do run it as a 'service' and we love to problem solve with customers.  Email us or contact us on social media with questions, requirements or possible bag options and we'll see what we can do.  We look forward to creating you the perfect bag!

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out" - Dr Seuss