How it all began.....

TubieeGo started as an idea between two friends, Jenni and Mim.  Here Jenni shares the story of how it all began....

TubieeGo started as a story about my own little tube-fed dude who got a peg just after he turned two due to an uncoordinated swallow and reflux.  

We were in hospital and he was confined to his buggy for feeding so we were eagerly anticipating the arrival of his pump bag so that he could have his freedom back.  What a disappointment!  Functionally the bag is fine but it's bulky and he fell over backwards as soon as he put it on.  He could hardly walk, certainly couldn't run, couldn't go down the slide or sit on a ride-on car and he didn't fit in a swing.  He was more disabled by the bag itself than by the tube feeding!  Plus it was black and looked very much like a bag for medical equipment.  We were both so disappointed.

As a physiotherapist I know that it's not just nice for kids who are able to be moving around and exploring to be doing so, it is also essential for their development.  And people who are tube-fed are individuals and have taste and preferences and might not want to use a bulky black medical bag.  So I let my son chose a toddler bag from the Skip Hop range and bought a sewing kit from the supermarket next to the hospital.  The first TubieeGo bag was made sitting next to his hospital cot while he slept and was a mish-mash of hand sewing and medical tape - but it worked!

Thankfully Mim got involved at this point as I could never have managed this project on my own.  Mim is a nurse with a passion for textiles and creativity which is the perfect combination for TubieeGo.  Together we've managed to create a great product which allows people to have feeding bags which are practical, fun and completely individual.

So mornings now start with our little tube-fed dude deciding what he wants to be as he chooses from his three TubieeGo feeding bags...

....a dinosaur?

....a giraffe?

....or a rocket?

....and then he gets on with being an active 2 year old, unrestricted by the fact that he's attached to a feed.  TubieeGo has totally met the needs of our boy and Mim and I are so excited that the next chapter of our story will involve other people enjoying and benefiting from our adapted bags.

So please tag along and join us as we see what happens next - maybe it will even include one of your own stories.

Jenni xx

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