How to choose a tube feeding bag

Our bag adaptation service is something that really excites us.  It brings complete individuality and choice to tube feeding and adapting bags is good fun.  

But how do you choose a bag?  Here are our suggestions on what makes a great tube feeding bag....


What do you want to use the bag for?  If you're buying for everyday use you may want a bag roomy enough to carry other bits and bobs.  If you're buying for a toddler then the more compact the better.  If you're a wheelchair user then how about looking at satchel bags as they would hang nicely?  The options are wonderfully endless and considering them will mean that you have a bag you love and which matches your needs.


The bag must be large enough to hold the TubieeGo insert needed to hold your feed container.  The insert comes in three sizes.  To find out what size you need click on 'SHOP' above, select your pump and tube feeding container and it will show you what bespoke services are available for your pump/container combination.

The bag must also have enough depth to hold the feed container plus your pump.  It's really important that you try fitting your pump and container in the bag before you send it to us.


Tube feeding bags get a lot of use which means that the quality of the bag is important!  If you buy a cheap bag then be aware that it may not last that long.


If the bag is to be worn for long periods then comfort is really important.  Look for bags with padded shoulder straps and check the length of the bag against the person who will be wearing it - it should fit on their back, not hang past their bottom.

Where to put the pump

This is really important otherwise you'll end up with kinks in the tube and those irritating alarms!  Your bag needs a compartment or pocket to sit the pump in so that it doesn't shift about in the bag.  A front pocket is ideal if you need easy access to the pump but make sure you choose one with a large zip opening - we've found that some bags have a large enough front pocket but the opening is too small to get the pump in.  An internal pocket or compartment also works well and small bags may hold the pump snuggly enough against the feed container for it to sit in the main compartment.

We have found that the pumps don't need to be upright to work as it's the pump action and not gravity which pushes the feed through.  So try your pump in a position which is best going to protect the tubing from kinks and maybe try running a feed with the pump sitting in the bag to see what happens.


Have some fun with the appearance of your bag but consider the material it's made from.  Is it washable?  Is it sturdy?  Will it be possible to adapt it?  Materials which are too thick or are likely to rip may not be the ideal choice.

How to purchase the bag

It is much easier to choose a suitable bag looking round a shop rather than online.  If you need to shop online then please have the bag delivered to yourself so that you can check it's suitability before sending it to us.

Hopefully you will now feel able to choose a bag with confidence but if you have any questions then please email us or contact us via Facebook.