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10 things I want you to know about having a child that is tube-fed

Here at TubieeGo we have personal experience of tube-feeding.  Jenni recently shared her own journey as a guest blog post for Mum on a Mission.....   As a mum who tube-feeds, here are the 10 things that I would love people to understand about having a child who is tube-fed. ONE The transition to tube-feeding is not a small feat.  I remember them calling it a ‘lifestyle change’ in the clinic room when they told me that my two-year-old son needed to become nil by mouth and tube-fed.  I nodded naively and commented that if it was what he needed then we’d just have to get on with it. I quickly learnt however that when your child becomes tube-fed you’re...

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How to choose a bespoke tube feeding bag

Our Bespoke Service is something that really excites us!  It brings complete individuality and choice to tube feeding and adapting bags is good fun!   But how do you choose a bag?  Here are our suggestions on what makes a great tube feeding bag....

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