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Products that make tube-feeding easier - with a LOT of links!

Getting used to tube-feeding can be overwhelming.  It's very clinical, involves a lot of kit and it doesn't gel easily with 'normal life'.  As time passes however, you find things that work and problem solve your way through all manner of challenges.  One year in, here is my list of top products to make your life that little easier..... TUBE CARE AND ADAPTED CLOTHING Tubie Pads These have proven useful for protecting the skin around the peg and button site from leaking fluid, and also for preventing irritation from the tube moving around which has greatly decreased the amount of overgranulation we get.  I really like the ones sold by G Tube Pads UK.  They come with a cotton or...

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How to choose a tube feeding bag

Our bag adaptation is something that really excites us.  It brings individuality and choice to tube feeding and adapting bags is good fun!   But how do you choose a bag?  Here are our suggestions on what makes a great tube feeding bag....

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