Bespoke Service - SMALL
Bespoke Service - SMALL
Bespoke Service - SMALL

Bespoke Service - SMALL

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Send us a suitable bag and we will adapt it!

The small insert is 19.5cm tall and 11cm wide and is most suitable for the smaller feed containers.

Choosing Your Bag

Choose a bag which is taller and wider than the insert.  Remember to choose a bag which will also hold your pump!  A front pocket or extra compartment is ideal. It is very important that you check that your pump and container will physically fit in the bag you have chosen before you send it to us as we are unable to offer refunds for any bespoke alterations (see our Warrenty, Returns and Refund Policy for more information).


Once you have purchased the Bespoke Service you will be sent an email telling you where to send your bag and asking you for specific information about your bag. 

Please send your bag via recorded delivery as we take no responsibility for bags that we do not receive. 

Delivery is within 14 days from the day we receive your bag.

Further Info

We have written a useful blog post on how to choose a bespoke tube feeding bag which you can read here

If you have any questions then get in touch via email at