Feeding tube backpacks and our feeding tube system

The TubieeGo insert for feeding tube backpacks and bags

All of the feeding tube bags and backpacks on our website are specially adapted to support the TubieeGo insert and system. 

Our bags are different to other feeding tube bags because they include a lightweight and strong insert to hold your feed securely. The TubieeGo insert is not only light, it also creates an ergonomic support for your back by distributing the weight of your feed. This ensures no pressure points develop whilst you are wearing the bag - either on your body or within the feed containers and feeding tubes.

Our method of adaption and unique insert enable us to turn any bag into a feeding tube backpack or bag. This allows us to give individuality and choice back to those that want it, and hopefully make tube feeding that bit easier.

Available in three sizes, the TubieeGo insert holds feeding tube food containers of nearly any shape or size, and is compatible with all UK feeding tube systems. 

The TubieeGo™ insert is practical and easy to use. We use army grade components on our backpacks to ensure that every bag is of the highest quality. The insert is also easy to clean and detachable. This means you can switch feeds quickly on the go, or line up as many feeds as you need for the activities you have planned.

Loading the TubieeGo insert onto our feeding tube bags

You can see how to load feeding tube food containers onto a TubieeGoinsert, or how these attach to our specially adapted bags in our 'How To' section. 

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