Bag Adaptation Service | Any bag can be a feeding tube bag

With our bag adaptation service, almost any bag can be a tube feeding bag. Send TubieeGo a bag you want to use for tube feeding and we will adapt it so that you can.
Your bag adaptation will include a TubieeGo insert which is compatible with the Abbott, Nutricia and Fresenius feed systems and types.

Your bag choice can be almost any size or shape and made of nearly any material. We're happy to advise you what works well and what doesn't. We've completed plenty of bag adaptations and received lots of lovely feedback.

To adapt a bag you want to use as a tube feeding bag: 

  • visit our shop and select your pump type.
  • select the small, medium or large bag adaptation service.

If you're not sure what will work best for you or what size bag adaptation service you require, please take a look at the dimensions of each insert. As long as our backpack is larger than the insert, then it is likely to fit. Otherwise, please get in touch - we'd love to talk through how we can help.

For inspiration, here are examples of some of the bags we've successfully adapted to become tube feeding bags.

Adapted feeding tube bags and backpacks for children

Kids all have their favourite character or style preference and providing for those has been wonderful.  We've adapted lots of bags including character bags, Smiggle bags, East Pak bags, Football Team backpacks, 

Adapted feeding tube bags and backpacks for adults

We have also enjoyed adapting backpacks for teenage and adult customers. We've enjoyed working with customers to work out exactly what they need to make sure that their bag not only looks great but is practical too.

We can adapt backpacks to hold multiple pumps and multiple feeds, so please get in touch if you require specific adaptations. 


    The First One

    Our first adaptation was an amazing Stella McCartney bag! What a way to start off the bag adaptation service. The final bag was awesome, and I know it has made a huge different to its owner. 

    A Stella McCartney adapted tube feeding backpack


    For more information on this service, please get in touch here.