Bag Adaptation Service | Any bag can be a feeding tube bag

With our bag adaptation service, almost any bag can be a tube feeding bag. Send TubieeGo™ a bag you want to use for tube feeding and we will adapt it so that you can.

Your bag adaptation will include a TubieeGo insert which is compatible with the Abbott, Nutricia, Kangaroo Joey and Fresenius Kabi feed and pump systems. Your bag choice can be almost any size or shape and made of nearly any material. We're happy to advise you what works well and what doesn't. We've completed plenty of bag adaptations and received lots of lovely feedback.

To adapt a bag you want to use as a tube feeding bag: 

  • go the bag adaptation product page
  • select the small, medium or large bag adaptation service.
  • follow the instructions when you checkout

If you're not sure what will work best for you or what size bag adaptation service you require, please take a look at the dimensions of each insert. 

As long as your backpack is larger than your bottle height (with the tubing attached), then it is likely to fit. 

We can also adapt backpacks to hold multiple pumps and multiple feeds, so please get in touch if you require specific adaptations. 


An specially adapted, bespoke tube feeding backpack