Please note: there is currently a two week lead time on adult backpacks.


1. Do your bags come with chest straps?

Our Toddler backpacks do. For our Junior backpacks you can purchase chest straps on our accessories page. 


2. How much is postage?

UK postage and packaging is £4.99, for Europe and Ireland is £13.99, and International Shipping is £19.99


3. Can I get the bag personalised?

Currently it is not possible to get your bag personalised through TubieeGo. But, please speak to us is this is something that you would like and we will see what we can do to accommodate your request. 


4. I’m not sure what pump system or bottles I have?

That's ok! If you email us with a photo of your pump and bottle type, we will be able to guide you. You can also ask your dietitian.


5. I run two feeds simultaneously, will that work with your backpacks?

Two feeds will work with some of our bags. If this is something you require please contact us so we can set up an individual order for you. 


6. I’ve changed the volume of bottle that I use, can I still use your insert?

Our inserts work with all feed bags and bottles. If your feed has changed, then you can look at our videos on how to change your insert. 


7. Will your insert hold all brands of bottle and pump?

Yes, our inserts fit all brands of pump and feed. Some of our smaller inserts and bags will not fit the larger bottles, so search your pump type and feed via our website to find out which bag is suitable for you. 


8. Do your bags can fit onto the back of a wheelchair ?

Yes most of our bags will fit on the back of a wheelchair with their carry handles. We also sell 'buggy buddy' clips which can secure bags onto wheelchairs.


9. My bag/insert has broken, what can I do?

Please see our returns and warranty policy which is available on our website. You can also contact us at 


10. What age are your bag sizes suitable for?

We have a variety of bags aimed at different ages. All of our bags will indicate what size they are aimed at in their description. Our toddler backpacks are generally aimed at 18 months - 2 years. Our Junior Backpacks are aimed at 3-6 years. 


11. How do I place my pump in the bags?

For toddler and junior backpacks pumps are placed in the main compartment.

For adult backpacks, pumps can be placed in the front pocket of the backpack. 

  • ABBOTT PUMP - upside down with the tubing exiting out the top.
  • FRESENIUS KABI PUMP - on its side with the tubing exiting to the sides.
  • NUTRICIA PUMP - upside-down and facing backwards (as shown in the tutorial)
  • OTHER PUMPS- if you have another pump type, please contact us and we will be able to guide you