How to load the TubieeGo™ insert and pump into your backpack

  • Loading a TubieeGo™ Toddler backpack

Currently TubieeGo™ toddler backpacks will only fit the two pumps below:

Video for Fresenius Kabi pump

Video for Nutricia pump


  • Loading a TubieeGo™ Junior bag

Video for Fresnius Kabi pump

**Video for Nutricia and Abbott pumps- coming soon!**


  • Loading a TubieeGo™ Adult/Teen sized bag

Video for all feed pump types


The different pumps are placed in the front pocket in different positions due to the size and shape of each one.  

  • ABBOTT PUMP - on it's side with the tubing exiting from the right hand side as you're looking at the bag.
  • FRESENIUS KABI PUMP - on it's side with the tubing at the top, exiting to the sides.
  • NUTRICIA PUMP - normal upright position.
  • KANGAROO JOEY PUMP- normal upright position


Please contact us if you have any questions about loading your TubieeGo™ backpack