Unique On The Inside

Inside the bag is where the magic happens!

Our TubieeGo insert is competely unique and it is what allows us to turn any bag into a tube-feeding bag.

Available in three sizes, it holds feed containers of any shape and size which is why TubieeGo bags are compatible with all the feeding pump systems available in the UK (and probably the rest of the world - we're working on that).

The insert is practical and easy to use. It is made of perspex, making it is easy to wipe clean, and is detachable so a feed can be set up before being placed in the bag and even moved between TubieeGo bags mid-feed.

Our TubieeGo insert has been tested thoroughly through our own personal experience of tube feeding and by our testers.

You can see how to load feed containers onto the TubieeGo insert in the 'How To' section.

We love it - and we hope that you love it too!